Practice Areas


Real Estate

Our firm engages in all types of real estate matters, from residential and commercial deed transfers and other property transactions, loan closings and refinances, easements and boundary line disputes, foreclosure actions, and consulting and representing a number of residential owner's associations.  

Estate Planning & Succession

Having a Last Will & Testament, Durable and Healthcare Powers of Attorney, and Living Will can be the key to seamless and effective way to preserve your assets and pass down to the next generation.  Our firm pays close attention to your personal needs and creates a plan catered to helping achieve your goals.

Estate Administration and Guardianships

Often the most difficult times for our clients are when a loved one passes away.  The last thing most people want to deal with during this grieving process is the legalities of winding up a deceased family member's affairs. Our firm knows how to properly navigate the administrative difficulties of probate and estate administration to provide comfort and finality to  our clients.

Where a person is still living but lacks the requisite mental capacity to take care of their business affairs, or is a minor child, a guardianship may be the only way to manage the healthcare and financial matters of that person.  Our firm helps establish guardianships and manage the difficult accounting requirements that come with guardianship proceedings.  

Corporations & LLC's

Operating a business can mean additional exposure to liabilities and defense of potential lawsuits.  By incorporating, a business owner can significantly reduce their risk of personal assets being brought into the fold and limit their business liabilities to the assets of the corporate entity.  Our firm assists clients in selecting the proper corporate entity, organizing and incorporating the necessary corporate legal documents, as well as sales, purchases and other acquisitions of existing businesses or transitional planning toward retirement. 

Landlord/ Tenant Law

North Carolina law has complex statutory requirements for landlord/ tenant relationships and the methods for evicting tenants failing to comply with their lease agreement.  Our firm drafts effective residential and commercial leases which carefully set out the rights and remedies of each party, and advises and represents tenants as to their rights in a summary ejectment proceeding and landlords in evicting tenants in default.  

Personal Injury & Civil Law

Our firm has a long history of representing clients in general civil litigation and helping clients get the award they deserve from personal injury matters.